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Guys. What are we even doing here? It completely feels like the world went all bat-shit banana pants at the beginning of this decade. How do we even begin to exist and be happy when every day can feel like the beginning of the end?

***SPOILER ALERT*** I have no idea. However, I know this: it’s going to be ok. How do I know? Because it has to be. Humans are amazing and, not to profile you, but if you’re reading this I have to assume you are human…therefore we’re all amazing!

So am I going to sit here and tell you that shits not wacky and it’s all in your head? Hell no.

Am I going to be relentlessly positive even in the face of cold hard facts that parts of society are broken? Absolutely not.

I want to talk about the world through the lens of real people and what scares or worries them about the world. How do we, the humans of earth, exist in this new world?

Is everything ok? No, it’s not. But WE can be ok and we can get there together.

  • Dear Introvert

    Dear Introvert

    An open letter to introverts.

  • EXTREME! Life in the wasteland of the between

    EXTREME! Life in the wasteland of the between

    TL;DR – The world is complex and issues are rarely, if ever, black and white. However, extreme positions sell so it’s easy for those who find themselves between the two extremes to feel alienated or misguided. It’s vital, now more than ever, that we learn to embrace different perspectives, understand opposing ideas, and open ourselves to creative solutions.

  • Calm Down! – A series on useless advice (#2 – “Rules of Happiness)

    Calm Down! – A series on useless advice (#2 – “Rules of Happiness)

    This is a series where we are looking at “advice” or “solutions” that get flung about on the Internet, hopefully with good intentions, but tend to over-simplify the complex issues that people struggling with mental health issues are facing.

I am not a medical professional and information on this site is not a replacement for professional care. If you’re experiencing a crisis, please dial your local emergency number or go to the nearest hospital.

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