Dear Introvert

Dear Introvert

Dear Introvert,

I was thinking about you today and I thought it might a good time to share a couple of things with you – things I hope you know but am worried that you don’t.

For instance, I know you’re not being quiet because you’re “shy” or you have nothing to say. Rather you find words to be an incredibly potent resource and a valuable currency, not to be spent flippantly or without care for power they hold. You speak if, and only if, you have something to say and, if you are silent, it’s because you possess the rare ability to listen before speaking and to craft each thought with intention.

There are those who think you are anti-social, eschewing the company of others because of a desire to be a loner or some strange proclivity that others might find off-putting. I know this couldn’t be further from the truth – that you will excitedly engage with others but, like with your words, you save that energy for events that relate to things you are passionate about. You may stand in the corner during a kegger, but you will probably be the life of a gaming party, a poetry reading, renaissance fair or any other event that stimulates your love of life.

Some say that you’re a homebody, preferring a quiet evening in with one or two close friends over a trip to a busy restaurant or club. I know that it’s just that you find crowds and disorder exhausting and that a quiet evening with a book or a drink with a friend in a quiet café will serve as a tonic for frayed nerves, over-fired neurons, and over-stimulated senses.

Your quiet, reserved manner can come across as cold or emotionless – as though you have fewer or less potent emotions than others. I know that the exact opposite is true – you feel intensely and deeply, so much so that, were others to experience it, they would be frightened of the power your emotions held.

When you love, you love intensely – a love that is not confined to modern notions of romantic love, but one that is extended to all the important people in your life.

When you dream, you dream deeply and boundlessly – dreams that are beyond description and only meant for you, though with great effort you can share portions of them through art or action.

I hope you know that being an introvert is not, as some might say, a challenge or disability to be overcome so that you can fit into the mold of those who came before. It is your superpower.

Don’t feel less because others fear the expanse of your emotions.

Don’t love smaller because others dread your heart’s capacity.

Don’t dream shallower because others can’t fathom the depth of your imagination.

You and others like you are the movers of the world – the big dreamers, the deep thinkers, and the intense lovers.

I am grateful that you and others like you exist. You are a gift to the world – I hope you know that.

– Andrew

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