About Me

I’m a regular person who likes sports, music, and family. I’m trying to be OK…just like you! Let’s talk about how to get there.

Hi! My friends call me Andrew

Thank you for stopping by! I’m a pretty average guy with no special qualifications, but I’ve seen a lot of stuff in this life. I have two grown kids, a beautiful wife, and a career that you would find incredibly boring. All that being said, I’ve seen DRASTIC shifts in what people have to deal with just to exist on this planet.

I joined the military pre-9/11, retired from the military in the middle of a pandemic, and have traveled a pretty good chunk of the world. I’ve experienced different cultures, a plethora of different view points, and have met, worked with, worked for, and become friends with people from all walks of life.

Here’s what I’ve learned: EVERYONE IS AMAZING! Wait, don’t close your browser window. I’m not some wild-eyed optimist that thinks nothing or no one sucks…because there are a LOT of people who suck. What I mean is that I’ve never met a dumb person, a non-creative person, or a “loser”. Everyone I’ve met is amazing in their way, even if they’re not a genius, rich, or famous.

The other thing I’ve learned, and what made me want to start this blog, is that it can be hard to be okay. I’m not okay all the time (heck, most of the time), but I want to be and I want you to be.

I am not a medical professional and information on this site is not a replacement for professional care. If you’re experiencing a crisis, please dial your local emergency number or go to the nearest hospital.

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